Frequently Asked Questions

Dumpster Bin Rental Service in Hamilton & Halton Region

What items are prohibited from the dumpster bins?

The following items are not accepted: Hazardous Waste, Pesticides, Propane Tanks, Tires, Batteries, Asbestos, All Paint Cans, Chemicals, Appliances, Air Conditioners. The customer is responsible for any financial and/or environmental impact of hazardous materials.

What is a mixed waste bin?

Mixed waste is defined as household waste, construction or renovation debris. We do not accept any hazardous waste as part of our mixed waste program.

What is a clean fill bin?

Clean fill is considered to be soil or concrete. We separate these types into different bins to be transported to the appropriate location. Concrete can be ground down to make new concrete, and soil can be used as filler or for any other number of things. Concrete must not contain wire mesh/rebar or it is not considered clean. It must be chipped out prior to going into bins.

What is a metric ton?

1 metric tonne is equal to 1,000 kilos or 2,200 pounds

How do we determine weight?

Once the bin is filled, you will call us to pick up the bin. The driver will take the waste to a dump station where the total weight of the bin will be determined. The truck with the bin will drive on to the weight scale. The gross weight of the truck with a bin and waste is determined. The weight of the waste determined by deducting the weight of the truck with an empty bin from the gross weight. The dump station provides a print out from the scale with the weight of the contents in the bin.

When do you (Suez Inc.) pick up the dumpster bin?

To arrange a pick up you’ll have to call us or email us otherwise we are scheduled to pick it up within the 7 day term.

Will your bin damage my driveway?

All our bins are driveway friendly and we place wood to ensure that your driveway is not damaged in any way during the drop-off or removal. Simply let us know which side of the driveway you want your bin placed and we will gladly place it in your desired spot.

Will your bin damage my property?

To protect your property we will place our bins on wood however we are not responsible for any damages should they arise. We suggest you put down a few sheets of plywood to be certain your property is protected.

What happens if a bin becomes too full?

We cannot legally transport a bin that has been over loaded. It is very unsafe and could cause injury to the public and our drivers. You will be required to remove items sticking out over the top of the bin prior to removal from your premises. No higher than the top edge of the bin. The driver will remove extra garbage and a $50 charge will apply.

Can the dumpster bin go on my lawn?

We can place the bin on your lawn but remember full bins can weigh in excess of 10 metric tonnes. That’s a lot of weight, please ensure you use plywood to prevent the bin from sinking into your lawn.

Do I need a permit to rent a dumpster bin in Ontario?

You will need a permit if the bin has to be placed on the street. You will have to contact your municipality. You don’t need a permit if the bin is placed on your property.

Do I need to be home for the dumpster bin delivery?

No you don’t. We will deliver the bin on the day you’ve requested it, however we do ask that you leave specific instructions when placing your order and ensure your driveway is clear to allow the driver to safely deliver the bin. For example: indicate, when facing the home, which side of the driveway you would like the bin placed.

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