Terms & Conditions (Waiver)

    Toxic/hazardous waste such as paint, oil, batteries, asbestos, fuel, chemicals, medical waste, hot materials, liquids, tires, railroad ties, propane tanks, and fluorescent light bulbs and ballasts.

    Note: Tires are accepted, however there is a $5 eco fee per tire.

    Load capacity: Materials cannot be sticking up over the sides or the top of the bin. Distribute weight evenly and load heaviest items at the bottom of the bin.

Property damage:

If our driver is unable to pick up the bin due to the bin being filled improperly, the bin is blocked or placed in an unreachable area, there could be an additional trip charge applied to your order.

  • Suez Inc. is NOT responsible for any damage past the curb.
  • During the HOT summer months, we will not be responsible if the wood sinks into the asphalt.
  • If customers prefer plywood to be laid down on the driveway, they are to provide it themselves.
  • If driveway is old and cracked and/or in disrepair, damage may occur.
    provide proper protection to guard from damage to driving surfaces, and any materials supplied by Suez Inc does NOT REPLACE THAT RESPONSIBILITY

General terms and conditions

  • Customer acknowledges that it has care, custody and control of Suez Inc. equipment while
    at the Customer’s location and accepts responsibility for any loss or damage to Suez Inc.
    equipment (except for normal wear and tear or damage resulting in Suez Inc. handling of the
  • It is the Customer’s responsibility to call when they are done with the bins. 
  • The customer agrees that they will not overload, either by volume or by weight, Suez Inc
    equipment. Customer assumes responsibility for any fines and liability due to overloading of containers.

Customer agrees that they are responsible for proper sealing and loading of asbestos
waste into Suez Inc equipment. All ASBESTOS must be packaged according to MOE
guidelines If our trained staff deems the load improper, the load will not be picked up and the customer will be charged additional fee’s.
5) By signing this document, you agree to the terms and conditions, and your service
will then be dispatched.